What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

I could tell that the professionalism with Indiana Equity Brokers was way ahead of other brokers.  Tom Stayanoff did an excellent iob in marketing our business and keeping us updated on the process.  We got multiple full price offers within the first few weeks of being on the market.

Larry and Donna Vaughn, former owner Star Uniform

I would definitely recommend Indiana Equity Brokers and more specifically Tom Stayanoff.  If you are lucky enough to get Tom as your broker you really have a Thoroughbred race horse.  He is the first one out of the gate and the first one across the finish line.  That's how hard he works and that's how smart he works.  There is no way we could have got through this without him.  It would certainly be worth your while to give them a call if you're thinking about selling your business.

Chris Reynolds, former owner Greenwald Surgical

I wanted to thank Indiana Equity Brokers for a job well done.  They were very professional and knowledgeable the whole way through.  They were able to find a qualified buyer and help negotiate deal.  I was very pleased with the full price offer.

Gary Wilkie, former owner Wilkie Electric

As a seller, I wanted to make sure that my business sold at the highest price and that is what Indiana Equity Brokers was able to do.  I sold my Midas Service Expert in Plainfield through Scott Lands, the broker at IEB.  I had a very good experience throughout the process.  They were able to find the right buyer and got a very good price for the business quickly.  I would recommend Indiana Equity Brokers to others.

Sonny Shaw, former owner Midas

We made the mistake of signing up with another brokerage firm and all they did was get us for about $20,000 for producing a document that was 90% boilerplate.  I contacted Troy Frank and everything was completely different. All the things that I thought were wrong about other brokers, Indiana Equity Brokers did right. They never asked for a penny until they were successful selling our company. I think any seller would benefit from calling IEB.

Mike McCarty, former owner Commercial Business Systems

Indiana Equity Brokers only sells good companies. As soon as the business went up for sale, we had buyers calling. IEB was able to weed out the tire kickers and introduce me to qualified buyers. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to give IEB a 10. I can't think of anything they could do better. I'm really happy with my decision to go with Indiana Equity Brokers.

Ben Slota, former owner Thermonet USA

Scott did a great job and really took the time to do the valuation and answer our questions.  Throughout the process, Indiana Equity Brokers provided a lot of value and assistance.  Overall, our experience with Indiana Equity Brokers was very, very positive.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone or use their services again.

Pete Ellis, owner Baugh Enterprises, Inc.

I tried other brokers in town and IEB is the most professional firm out there and more importantly they were successful in selling my business at a great price.  Troy and his team always looked out for my best interest.  We had multiple offers and they helped me choose the right buyer.

Don Mussilli, former owner Pure Air Systems

I would certainly recommend IEB and would use them again if I had the need.  They kept their promises, worked hard and sold my business to a buyer from across the country.  Choosing IEB was one of the best decisions I ever made with my business.

Kevin Marrietta, former owner Temporary Technology

Indiana Equty Brokers exceeded my expectations during the process of selling my business.  They were able to market my business nationwide.  We had offers from three different states and we were able to choose the one that best suited my needs.  I talked to other brokers in town and they said my price expectations were unrealistic.   In the end, IEB not only met my expectations, we sold the business for even more than we were asking.   I would reccommend calling Indiana Equity Brokers if you are considering selling your business.

Scott Lands, former owner Auto Twirler


They did a great job and took the time to talk through everything with me prior to lisitng the business for sale. We put it on the market and had an offer in less than a week, a full price offer. It was a great buyer and IEB told us everything we needed to know about the offer, terms and more. The closing was quick and easy and seamless.

Shawn Shepherd, former owner Easy Forms, Inc.

Troy and his team did a great job in the transaction. I always felt like they had a good handle on what was going on and they were very responsive to questions and concerns. They made sure the project stayed on course and got completed in a timely manner.

Kevin Eckstein, owner The Box Shoppe, Inc.

I went to a couple of differnet companies before Indiana Equity Brokers. There was a lack of professionalism with somme of them. IEB was able to spend the time with me to find out what I was really looking for. Troy really understood the background that I had and what my goals were. We closed on the transaction and everything went very smooth.

Dave Hearn, owner Pure Air Systems , Inc.


Before contacting Indiana Equity Brokers, I did my research and read the testimonials. Troy and Chris were helpful from the beginning by providing guidance and advice that was spot-on. They remained in contact with me and always communicated quickly. Chris knew how many potential buyers had contacted him, how many were real and how many were just kicking tires. IEB delivered a buyer, who I trusted to care for the well-being of my residents. When youíre serious about selling; call Indiana Equity Brokers. Experience matters and it showed!  

Ted Franklin, former owner Pleasant Escape, Inc.


I'm sure I will see you again but wanted to just say thank you for a great selling experience. There is a major difference between business brokers and you are at the top in every regard. Some people are naturals at what they do and others just try and you are a natural. From the first minute I spoke to you, I knew I had found the right person to sell my business. My wife and I cannot say enough about our experience with your firm. You took an unknown, somewhat intimidating and incredibly important venture in our lives and simplified it, controlled and guided it to a perfect end of more then our asking price. It's been our sincere pleasure doing business with you.  We think the whole process went just about as good as possible.  We had multiple offers to choose from within days of hitting the market.  

Robert Stalets, former owner Green Scene, Inc.


I think the whole process went just about as good as possible.  We had multiple offers to choose from within days of hitting the market.  Troy took care of every detail and coached us throughout the process. He was there to answer all our questions and give good advice.  This was the second time that I used Troy to sell a business and had great results both times.  Troy is honest, experienced and hard working.  I would not hesitate to use him again.

John Rizek, former owner Ultra Manufacturing


Jason did a great job with my business.  He was able to find a buyer that was perfect for the business.  The time it took was really pretty quick and we received full price, so that was great.  Jason and the team at Indiana Equity Brokers are real professionals. 

Joel Irwin, former owner On Hold Systems



I would be happy to recommend Indiana Equity Brokers and Troy Frank if you want to sell your business. The process was not without bumps, but Troy stuck with it and got the job done.  The company is very professional and knowledgable.  Looking back, there is no way that I could have done this - and got the price that I did - without his expertise.  

Brad Hoffer, former owner Verizon Wireless Zone



Thank you Troy for helping me through this whole process.   You and your team did a great job of finding the perfect buyer and working through all the details it took to get the business sold.  I think the business is in the right hands now and I'm sure it will grow and prosper.  I certainly could not have done it without your expertise.  

Mike Downey, former owner Steamin Demon



Troy and IEB were able to sell our ecommerce company quickly and for a great price. We got 5 offers in the first month and sold for very near our asking price.  He had great attention to detail and was in control of the process the entire time.


Chad Nowak, former owner eSupplyStore


We thought Indiana Equity Brokers did a great job selling our business.  Troy was very professional and found several qualified buyers.  He was always available for questions and returned emails and calls quickly.  Even after the sale he was still just as responsive when we had questions.   We spent a lot of years building the business and appreciated his hard work selling it.  

Jodie Cusak, former owner CCI Roofing



I wanted to send a note and thank you for all your hard work. This has been a great experience and I really enjoyed working with Indiana Equity Brokers.  From the time I saw the business listing on their website until the time we closed, I felt they did a great job in keeping us on schedule and informed.

Greg Moore, buyer Sylvan Learning Centers


Troy and Indiana Equity Brokers did a great job selling my manufacturing busienss.  The whole thing took less than 5 months and it was really pretty easy.  Thier company was first class all the way.  I could not have imagined doing this on my own.

Steve Carrell, former owner Carrell Custom Welding



Indiana Equity Brokers brought a lot of buyers and I feel that they helped us choose the perfect buyers for our business. It was a long process, but it worked out great. They are a great bunch of guys there and I would not hesitate to work with them again.

Darrin McCullough, former owner McCullough Fabricating