VR Video References

"VR was extremely helpful in the process.  I would recommend them for anyone looking to buy or sell a business."

Kevin Eckstein
 The Box Shoppe

"VR stood out from the competition and was certainly the right choice.  This was the second business they sold for me."

Jason Swathwood
Publishing Company

"I first used another brokerage company to try and sell my business, but it didn't work.  VR was totally different, very professional and they sold my business for full asking price."

Mike McCarty
Commercial Business Systems
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"I would certainly recommend VR and would use them again if I had the need.  They kept their promises, worked hard and sold my business to a buyer from across the country. "

Kevin Marrietta
Technology Company

"I tried other brokers in town and they just put some ads in the newspaper and it didn't result in much.  VR was different and great to work with."

Don Musilli
Pure Air Systems

"VR exceeded my expectations in selling my online business.  I got the full asking price of the business.  We got several offers within the first couple of weeks.  The entire process took less than 6 weeks."

Shawn Shepard
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"VR took the time to understand my needs.  I think their expertise was a big reason the transaction happned."

Dave Hearn
Manufacturing Company
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