Do I Need Social Media for My Business?

Do I Need Social Media for My Business?

Posted on August 12, 2019
Everyone agrees that it’s important to get the word out about your business.  It’s important to appeal to future clients.  It’s important to market yourself as competent and qualified.  Contrary to popular belief, obtaining this sought after marketability does not demand obscene amounts of work or money.  In fact, this resource is at the tip of your fingertips.  What is it?

Social Media.

In the recent years, social media has taken the world by storm.  Your business is not exempt from its impact, either.  Your business is one step away from increased clientele and, subsequently, increased revenue.  Today is the day to take that step and tap into the benefits social media has to offer.

When marketing your company through a social platform such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, there are several points to keep in mind.  First, post frequently.  Followers demand content as constant as possible.  The optimal posting frequency differs between platforms, so make sure you do some deeper research prior to getting started.  Regardless, be prepared to contribute several times a week.

A second point to remember is to publish quality content.  Instead of posting for the sake of posting, ensure that you are putting out content followers will enjoy.  After all, clients judge your company from your page. When your social media presence is of a high caliber, this speaks highly to your business.  Consider editing pictures prior to posting and using a grammar and spell checking software for captions.

Interaction is a final key component that is often overlooked.  Yes, your main focus should be adding to your page.  However, influencers cannot neglect necessary interactions with their followers and other pages.  The comment section is every business owner's best friend.  Converse with others and promote your work at the same time.  Also, consider collaborating with pages similar to the one you are trying to grow.  This initiates exposure to new consumers that have already showed interest in content similar to yours.  Finally, spend some time exploring content from others.  Show them some love, and they’ll show you some, too.

In summary, social media is a valuable asset every business can use.  When it comes time to sell your business, business brokers will take your social media presence into account when developing a valuation.  So, take the time to build your page.  As all things in business, it doesn’t just happen.  Put the effort in and see the benefits.